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Why EcoTourism?

Ecotourism refers to the responsible and sustainable way of traveling that helps in environment conservation and promotes growth of local communities.The need of Ecotourism in India is growing by the day as Tourism is one of India’s biggest economic sectors and the wilderness & tribes have long suffered its negative impacts. In a growing economy like India, one which is so rich in tribal & folk culture, eco-tourism needs to become an essential part of the nation’s cogwheel.Owing to its rich natural and historical heritage, Maharashtra hosts large numbers of domestic and international tourists throughout the year. 

We, at MEDB aim to conserve, protect and minimise the damage done to environment due to these varied factors.Local communities need to be given their due, regions neglected and damaged due to traditional tourism need to be paid attention to, and nature needs to be respected. MEDB aims to redefine the term tourism and make it more eco-friendly for Maharashtra through wide range of efforts made across the


1. Conservation

MEDB is responsible for maintaining and developing ecotourism destinations across Maharashtra. The revenue generated from these is used for conserving local endangered animals and plant species while also protecting neglected regions and communities.

2. Sustainable development

Hotels and resorts under the MEDB have been thoughtfully constructed keeping the adverse effects of development in protected areas to a minimum. These eco-friendly hotels, resorts and home-stays make for excellent accommodation for environmentally conscious travellers and a portion of the accommodation fee is used for the protection of the surrounding area.

3. Economic Development

MEDB is a flag-bearer of fair-hiring and work practices in the tourism sector that helps economic development of the local tribes in different areas. We have trained the locals in tourism management and hospitality, thus enabling them to benefit from the increasing tourism in their respective areas, strengthening the local economy and ensuring that no extra burden is put on the environment due to unnecessary construction and facility development.

4. Cultural benefits

MEDB values indigenous cultures and keeps it as its utmost priority. We have created a very inclusive environment for the local tribes. Local leaders are encouraged to engage with their respective communities as MEDB’s ambassadors and are responsible for ensuring a welcome atmosphere for the tourists. We also recognise the local talents and always strive to encourage the local art and crafts, festivals and traditions by means of various interactive activities for the tourists.

5. Awareness

Awareness is the most important part of ecotourism and we at MEDB value it as much. By means of various tie-ups with educational institutions and leading corporates, we aim to raise awareness in the youngest stakeholders of the environment and ensure that the future generations are able to have a smooth and respectful interactions with the environment.